First blog post

Hi new moms! Welcome to my first ever blog!

First off, just a little bit about myself…I’m newly married and a first time mom of a handsome little boy who just turned 2 months a few days ago.  He was born on Valentine’s Day so he’s my little sweetheart!

Being a first time mom, I’ve been surfing online and reading/watching videos on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube about “mom things” like baby bag essentials and breastfeeding tips and love the idea of blogging as another way to stay connected to all the moms out there. I’m sure all you new moms with newborns would agree it can get lonely sometimes being at home and your thoughts can go many different ways so I thought something to maybe try is to put some of my thoughts into a blog.  I’m hoping my blog will help new moms (like myself) in any way.

“Sleep To No Sleep”?

In the beginning when we went home from the hospital I was tired, but I still had to take care of my baby.  And so my sleeping pattern changed drastically.  Hence the name of my blog “sleep to no sleep”.  It’s true what moms say to soon-to-be-moms – “get as much sleep as you can now before you give birth because you won’t after”.  The funny thing is, my body has accustomed to this odd sleeping pattern already. I’ll admit though the beginning was difficult – so hard!! This was a huge change for my husband and I. More so me because I’m on maternity leave and so I’m home with this little guy all day.  And going from working full-time and coming home and sleeping whenever to whatever time my heart desired to sleeping when my baby boy sleeps and waking up to when he’s hungry which is like every hour or so made me feel sleep deprived.  To be honest, when he sleeps I sometimes do other things when I should be sleeping too. But isn’t it hard to sleep when you finally get a little quiet time to yourself? I always find something else to do like blogging 😛

Before you go, let me know (moms with newborns), how you coped with little sleep in the beginning.  Do you have any bedtime rituals for both baby and you that worked?  Please tell me because I’d love to hear how you’ve overcome those sleepless nights.



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