Uppababy Vista Review

One of the first big products we purchased for our baby was a stroller and carseat.  My husband and I did some research and even stopped some parents in the mall and asked them about their thoughts on their strollers and carseats.  We noticed CitySelect was a very popular choice where we live.  But when we went to the store to check all the strollers out, the Uppababy Vista stood out for us.

This is exactly what you get when you purchase the Uppababy Vista:

The black colour is named “Jake”

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.24.49 AM

My husband and I traveled a lot before having our baby and we want to continue traveling as a family so when we found out that the Uppababy has a travel bag (sold separately) we had to get it.  What’s great about the travel bag is that if our stroller is in the travel bag and it gets damaged during our flight, Uppababy guarantees us a new stroller at no cost. But it has to be in the specific travel bag for the warranty to work.

Version 2

Another point we liked about this stroller was the amount of space on the bottom where we could put our coats, baby bag, and shopping/grocery bags (check out pic above).  I know some strollers out there have minimal space which makes the stroller light when maneuvering around, but I like to be hands-free so this was a plus.

Third great thing about this stroller was the fact that if we had an additional baby we could expand the stroller to accommodate both kids at the same time instead of buying a whole new other stroller!  We would just need an attachment which we could buy when the need arises.

Fourth, the stroller itself isn’t heavy to lift into the car when it’s collapsed.  It’s very easy to collapse and open up again for use.

Fifth, it has a smooth glide when we take it out to the mall or on sidewalks and my baby boy can attest since he always ends up sleeping in his carseat attached to the stroller whenever we are out.  Of course, I’ll take him out after a bit, but he enjoys it.


Sixth, we did choose the Uppababy Mesa carseat and the Uppababy Mesa infant carseat base.  I would recommend buying the carseat base because it made my life easier taking the carseat in and out of our vehicle. The carseat clicks right into the base.  You don’t have to fiddle around with the seat belt which can be a pain if you always remove your carseat from the car.


It also came with the bassinet which we hardly use because my baby boy loves to co-sleep.  But the bassinet is nice to have if you want to place your baby in a safe, cozy and ventilated place where you can easily watch him or her from a far.  It has ventilation on the bottom.  I would recommend buying a stand for it if you’re planning on removing it off the stroller and using it at home as your baby’s sleeping quarters.  The inside covers are easily washable.  The bassinet is nice to have for baby to sleep in if you’re out for long periods at a time like shopping for a couple of hours where you want to take your baby out of the carseat and lay him or her flat on their back.  There’s lots of room in it especially for a new born and I heard some parents of toddlers use it as a little playpen when out which I’ll probably do the same. Such a great idea!

Overall, we enjoy the Uppababy Vista.  I will let you know how it’s once we start travelling with it very soon.

Summary of Reasons Why We Chose The Uppababy Vista:

  1. Travel bag (sold separately) – piece of mind for travelling in case damaged
  2. Spacious bottom to carry baby bag and grocery/shopping items
  3. Easily expandable for additional child (attachment sold separately)
  4. Easy to collapse and open up – not heavy
  5. Smooth glide
  6. Carseat base – makes life easier, no hassle with seat belts
  7. Bassinet – ventilated and great to lay baby on its back for long shopping days and later on can use it as a playpen for toddler

Hope my review helped you decide which one to buy for your baby or babies!  I would love to hear your thoughts on the Uppababy Vista if it was your choice and if not, which stroller did you choose and why?


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